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3 Black Men Accused of Stealing at Nordstrom Rack

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3 young black men ( Mekhi Lee, Dirone Taylor and Eric Rogers II ) said they were followed, watched and harassed at a Nordstrom Rack store in BRENTWOOD, Mo , The teens say they were there to shop for prom cloths and said they were very uncomfortable the whole time being in the store, They also say that everywhere they went, looked and touched in the store there was an store associate following.

The three black teens then said they bought something at the store to prove a point that they didn’t have to steal anything,  The store clerks called the police anyway accusing them of theft, When the teens left the store it was determined that neither of the 3 black men stole anything, The black men said that the cops were cool about it but all this was totally unnecessary and the only reason they were targeted is because of skin color.

Nordstrom Rack apologizes to the teens and said “we do not tolerate racial discrimination in our store” a line that is often being used once the damages are done,  The teens reached out to The St. Louis NAACP and said they are going to be involved in this matter and will be taken on this case.

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