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3 Fired at La Fitness For Racial Discrimination

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Only about a week in after the Philadelphia Starbucks racial profiling incident three are now fired from LA fitness for racial profiling of  two young black men.


On the two black men’s Facebook pages describes the incident of how the La Employees asked them to “Pay Up” or leave not knowing that he was on a 4 day guess pass and that his friend that was with him was a long time member of the gym, The employee who harassed one of the men didn’t know that the manager has already signed the guys into the system therefor because the employees who set there eyes on these two men should have had some knowledge (by asking the manager) before approaching the two, The two men explained they were racial profiled and embarrassed because this all happen in front of other gym members.


Tshyrad Oates who is one of the black men who caught this whole incident on video and post it to there Facebook said they just begin working out thinking everything was ok and 10 minutes later the LA Fitness manager came over to where they were and told them to get out, They continue to say that they did nothing wrong and couple minutes later five police showed up asking them both to leave.


Oates said they were the only two black men at the gym and that they really felt  embarrassed by the whole situation that should have never happen in the first place,  CEO of LA Fitness states that the 3 employees who were involved in this incident is no longer with them and that they didn’t need to execulate the situation by calling the cops on the men, Instead  they should have calmly resolved the issue and that they will be doing some company training in the near future to avoid problems like this.


The gym which is located in Secaucus, N.J. says that they have been in business for 30 years and all races are welcome but Oats says he didn’t feel welcomed and in fact he stood out being the only tw0 back men there.


Here is a video link provided Mr. Oates.

Black guys get kicked out of LA fitness even though they're PAID MEMBERS

This is Tshyrad Oates. Two days ago, he and his friend were asked to sign in AGAIN to L.A. Fitness, even though they'd ALREADY signed in and were working out. The cops were called, and even they had no idea why they were there. Ridiculous! Full story here: https://www.facebook.com/tshyrad.oates/posts/1935575163119174

Posted by Occupy Democrats on Wednesday, April 18, 2018




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