Our Mission

BadBizz is a consumer complaint review site dedicated in providing the public with awareness of businesses who fall short in providing a consumer with the products or services one deserves and who pays them to deliver.


We are only a platform for consumers to express themselves about there experience with a business or person who didn’t delivered as promised or people who should be held responsible for poor customer service, What ever the case may be, The consumer isn’t happy and as a business you have the opportunity to make it right.


We know that there might be some bad apples in the bunch who seek out businesses for selfish needs or try to tarnish there name but 99% of time people who file complaints are not doing it for there health or boredom it’s most likely for a reason but we are not here to judge anybody it’s everyone’s first amendment to speak whatever they please we are here to simply offer a way for businesses and consumers to discuss there unsatisfactory with them and come to some kind of resolution and in the long run the whole world would be a better place because businesses know not what to do or how to treat customers and consumers are happy, It’s a win win.