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Advance Fee Loan Scam

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somebody contacts me to offer a loan, I was desperate for cash so I took it. I have been connected to the name Samantha.She asked my bank routing and account number so she can deposit the money. at first she will test it to see if my bank account is real.


she send the money $1000. but I have to get back to her through GOOGLE PLAY CARD. so I used my debit card to buy a $1000. google cards. I called her as her instruction and give her the number. we are clear on this point.My account is clear to her. then she told me in order for her to send me the $2,000. I was borrowing because I have a low credit score it has to be insured for $1,200. and she already paid the $700.that her allowed to pay but i need to pay the $ I borrowed money from a friend and buy Google Play card for $500. then she said there is a glitz in the computer. next time I know I was over drawn from my checking account of $1,235. I told her that and she told me she will send $4,000.



to cover my loss plus the $2,000. I was borrowing but she needs more $500. to send to her, my paycheck arrived direct deposit and I did not get even a penny on it because my checking account is over drawn. until now I have $-958.02 negative balance and I do not know what to do.May 11th is my next paycheck coming because of my negative balance I would not be able to pay my car payment and my cellphone bill that due on May 16th.I already gave Samantha total Of $1,200.with my own money this is the reason I overdrawn in my checking account.How do I get my money back? I will appreciate the help you can give me and I thank you in advance

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