Ashley Chieff London Ontario

Ashley is a manipulator, liar & a cheat. She destroys everyone she comes across. You should use caution if you ever find yourself involved with Ashley. 

Ashley charged the father of her child with rape and then slept with him just a few months ago knowing he had a serious girlfriend. Her motives were to break up the relationship. It’s sickenning that a young man has rape charges on his criminal record but she lured him in and slept with him again to gain control to try and break up his relationship.

As of recent she called the police on her friend to try and get her a DUI. Ashley was very intoxicated and wanting to fight. The friend sat in her car outside the house for several minutes while Ashley was inside calling the police to nail her with a DUI in the driveway. Instead of trying to defuse the situation and make her friend comfortable enough to stay, she wanted to win an argument. If she cared about her safety she would have put her differences aside and ask her friend not to drive. Be careful of this girl!

Ashley lives in London, Ontario.


C: +1 (519) 852-4208