AT&T Directv Charging Customers for Services Not Rendered

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Why does cable companies charge you up the wall? for years they have done this but anyway, I called AT&T DirecTV to cancel my subscription due to me being unemployed because of the pandemic and the bill always being over $220 for many years. The service was disconnected 7/21/2020. but, the rep told me that they would not prorate my final bill, which basically means I will be paying for 2 weeks of satellite service for which I will not receive. So, during a pandemic, after telling the representative (truthfully mine you) that I had been unemployed for months now, which was why I was cancelling service in the first place, AT&T Policy is to charge customers anyway for a full month regardless of where their cancellation date falls in the billing cycle, Apparently, this is perfectly legal to do. I consider it FRAUD. Can you imagine how many millions of dollars AT&T and other cable providers is swindling off its customers who has to pay for services they don’t receive.