Rude Customer Service

Bad walmart customer service

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Worst customer service anywhere.
I bought a lawnmower battery. It won’t keep a charge even when it’s out of the mower. I accessed the receipt on the iPhone app and started a return and bring it to customer service. They scan it and tell me it’s a battery and I need to bring it to auto. Brought it to auto and they don’t know how to scan it in. Wait 15 minutes for a supervisor who can’t help either. I call customer service and explain this and the transfer me to Store Customer relations. They can’t help with an app problem and transfer me back to customer service. They try to call the store with me on the line and after 18 rings they hang up on me. Walmart hires incompetent people who can’t process a simple return for a defective product. Shop at your own risk. They just stole $44.95 from me an refused to help. Thank God it wasn’t a television!

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