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Be very careful when choosing a moving company Global Moving LLC

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My move with Global Moving LLC Charlotte NC was horrendous, to say the least. They had so many positive ratings which I guess are paid responses since the service I had was so bad. After my goods were picked up there was no communication from this company at all other than unkept promises. It took informing them I spoke with an attorney to get them to release my goods which I had already paid for the move in full at the time of pick up as they required as the goods were going into free storage. I called for my first day of delivery on August 4th and 5th for August 12th and finally got my goods on August 30th and the move was not even completed, they left my stuff outside on the lawn and the driver left. There is a list of things missing over $2,000 including a security camera system, fine china, and other miscellaneous stuff. The pickup documents show 81 items leaving my home and the count on items delivered was only 78 and the driver did not count or look at the list of items nor did he have me sign anything when they arrived. I contacted both the driver and the company to see if they would look for any additional items with no returned information. There were little to no returned calls from Doug Pihlgren the operations manager or Christie Strong who did my initial booking during this entire process after the goods were picked up even after repeated phone calls and emails to the company and the individuals. To top this entire fiasco off with this company the driver arrived with no help or equipment to unload the truck. I a disabled and was helping him unload things and called an got an additional 2 people to help him and once they arrived he got in his truck and left with all my things sitting on the lawn to my building. I texted and called the driver to find out what was going on and a day later he called me telling me it was a misunderstanding and he thought he could leave cause I had help another lie. Well don’t know about you but that is an incomplete move in my opinion. In my opinion, they should not even be in business. I have filed a claim with their insurance company for the replacement value of my missing goods. The company offered me an insulting offer of $150. returned for what they put me through which is an insult to the quality expected, care of my move, and my integrity due to their incompetency. Not considering the lost items they are are also requesting I not let anyone know how horrible this entire situation was.
They are not taking into account my professional time trying to get answers and contacts as well as the fact the company never finished the move, my costs to get people to move the belongings back into my home for me. I have nearing 40 hours in an effort of dealing with this situation and trying to get people to call me back and answer emails and texts the amount offered would equate to less than the minimum wage. You can tell a reputable company from the irreputable just by their offer – I just bought a kitchen island cart and when delivered had damage. I emailed the company to see if I could get replacement parts and without even asking they gave me back $100 on a $169 purchase – without asking!

I have asked this company to refund 1/3 of my move and replacement value of my missing stuff and they have offered $150 and I have not heard a word from them since. And I am waiting to see what insurance does. I would suggest you look very carefully at the mover you select to not deal with what I am dealing with.

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