Beware of Envato Marketplace

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Beware of this company when trying to get a refund because they will banned your account if you rightly file a dispute with Paypal because a seller didn’t commit to what they are selling and supporting it.

Long story short, I bought a script and after installing it I’ve notice many bugs so within days I contacted the seller for help and was ignored for the next couple weeks and never received help, So I contacted paypal for a refund and won the case only to notice that my envato account was now suspended and still is months later, They can’t give me a clear answer as to why but it’s seems like they are getting some kind of payback against you for filing a claim with paypal (which anyone will do if their not getting what was advertise) So now I have no access updates to the other 5 scripts I’ve purchased on Envato.

I hope this doesn’t happen to you and beware they DO NOT have your back and will side with the seller, It’s always about money with them.