Con Artist Rip Off Scam Businesses

Beware of The Kimber Weapon Store! They are a Scam From India

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Went to this online weapon store (Kingler Weapons Store) to purchase a legal gun because of everything happening nowadays and found a really good price on one gun I was interested in and then was surprised they didn’t ask me for any of the legal stuff you go through when buying a gun online and was immediately suspicious about this site, So when I tried to call the business they would not answer my call then I went to the chat section of there site and they wanted me to pay with cash app or zelle which is another red flag, I insisted they call me before I spend my money and someone finally did, The guy I Spoke too had a very heavy indian accent but the company states it’s located in Montana.  Huge scam site, I’m posting this so that other people are not scammed, do not order from this site Thankfully I did not purchase from this site.

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