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Black Man In VA Mall Wrongfully Arrested In Front of Family While Eating

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A black man was wrongfully handcuffed at a virginia beach mall in front of his family while eating at a food court with his wife, baby and 13 year old son.

Jamar Mackey said he was absolutely shocked and humiliated in front of his family and the people around him, Police Chief Paul Neudigate said they are investigating the situation and that Jamar Mackey fit a description of a man with dreads wanted for credit card fraud and that he was gathering up information that lead up to the wrong man being handcuffed.

The incident that took place in Lynnhaven Mall food court in Virginia Beach was caught on video by Jamar’s wife and shortly went viral with many people outraged of the situation including the local NAACP who demanded to speak with the police but they refuse at the moment, Jamar said to cop that eventually uncuffed him (This is why we march and this is why black lives matter”  “We are being racially profiled and it ain’t right, I was just having a meal with my family”.

The officer was not wearing his body cam in which he should have been at the time of the incident that would have showed what led up to them arresting the wrong guy,  The video showing this incident has many people wanting to know the particular officer name and accounted for what he did,  who decided it was right to handcuff a man in a crowded mall in front of his family instead of just asking the him to step outside with him to sort this out.



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