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Can’t trust Toco Warranty

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What a time wasted on this company, Toco will sell you there soul in order for you to buy there warranty they made it sound all good and how they have my back if anything goes wrong boy was I wrong about them.

First off I invested almost $2000 into this company without never needed any help except when I needed a starter(they gave me the run around with this too) but other then that I kept paying them each month for a whole year totaling almost $2000.

When the time finally comes and I need engine work I was excited that I can turn to Toco without question and was thrill I can brag to my mechanic that I had toco and they will pay you no problem.

The next day I get a call from the mechanic and they said toco is not going to pay for this work and I ask why and they said toco said they simply don't cover it…what??? I was so embarrass and I felt betrayed that they won't cover engine issues??

If you don't cover engine issues then what is the point to even have a warranty because the engine is the main part of the car.

Save yourself sometime and find another warranty or take your chances on fixing a problem yourself as they occur, Now I'm out of $2000 from a dishonest company.

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