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Carvana car I purchased was not as advertised

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I bought a car online at about 2 months ago and while I’m not totally upset about my purchase I am a little sceptical about the company because of the rising issues with the car.

To begin with,  The process of buying the car was fairly easy and straight forward although the down payment kept changing from $2000 to over $6000 which is the whole value of the car itself, That was a bit disappointing, But because everything is done online including registration I went ahead and went with it and the fact that we are in a crisis right now there wasn’t really any alternative to buying and registering a car in my town.

after all paper work was done and down payment was paid I had to wait over a month to get the car, When the day finally came for my car to be delivered the guy who delivered was extremely late because they decided to get the car detailed that morning, Couple hours later I get a text stating the car has buff marks all over because of the detailed machine at the shop..wait what? how are you going to be late and mess up the car like this on delivery day, So my day went from being so happy my car was arriving to angry the car is messed up before it got here.

Once the car was finally delivered the guy parked way down the street and was  about to unload the car there while I am in the middle of the street waving to him to come up the street to where I was standing, He act like he didn’t want to do that but I wasn’t about to walk way down the street to where I don’t live.

So now I’m a little more angry, Finally had the car in my possession and notice the motor was loud and obviously needed a tuneup, it just didn’t sound right.. There was a lot of marks and scratches on it that they did not inclose in the description or pictures on there site,  a week later the engine light is on and been on every since, I am now about to take the car to a mechanic to be fixed, although carvana did say they will pay for it but I shouldn’t have to do this for a car I’ve just gotten and still owe $10,000 on it.

So far I’m not happy, I just wanted a car with no issues especially not this soon! Just beware of what you purchase on carvana.

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