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Chase bank does not honor bonus

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I'm furious right now with chase bank and there scam practices to get you to signup to there total free checking and promises to give you a free $200 bonus when you signup and withing 10 ten business days they will deposit it into your account, Well after 10 days of waiting i had to reach out to them asking them where the heck is my bonus they go and inform me that my paypal "deposits" do not qualify as direct deposits and I will not be getting the bonus.

In the fine print it says a direct deposit and not excluding paypal, in fact there is nothing in the "terms and conditions" stating that paypal wasn't accepted only that it had to be a direct deposit with 60 days of opening the account with them that's it, I have attached a screen shot from this phony bank.

Also good luck once signing up for an account and trying to locate any information about your free bonus, There is NO information regarding your bonus status or anything mentioning it inside your account, You will have contact them and ask about the status of your bonus, how shady is that. I'm closing my account with them asap and writing this review to help others not to get your hopes up with there so called bonus signups.

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