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I went to this company in hopes to get an I.D because although I was born a raised in the USA I was adopted and don’t know where or when I was born therefor I can not located the hospital I was born in to get my birth certificate so that i can get an ID.

So anyway long story short this company http://chfake.com/ website sounded good and prices weren’t bad, I emailed the scam artist several times to make sure they were real and he happily answered all questions before I ordered.

I went ahead and ordered hoping they will follow up with there promising and boy was I wrong, After they received my amazon gift card they completely ignored me and my I.D was never sent.

I never was scammed before but I was completely scammed with this company and I can’t believe they are still online, People stay away away away far away from chfake.com they will scam you too.

Below is some information on the man behind this scam. and a email attachment after I paid them.

Eric Lee – Customer Service Rep
website – chfake.com
email – chfake@chfake.com

Godaddy is Horrible!
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