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Credit One Credit Card

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Here's my review about credit one credit card

I got this card about the same time i got a capital one credit card and this is like night and day there is no comparing heres why, When I first got the card (credit one) I received it with a 500 credit limit and I was stoke about that so I started using it as normal nothing crazy, paid my bill on time for years then decided to close the account because I was trying to cut down on the amount of open credit cards account in my name.

Went through the whole process of closing the account and thought everything was good, shortly after that for every month now (6 months) I'm receiving mysterious fees that all of sudden I supposed to owe but when I close the account it $0 and I have it on paper!

This credit card company is a legit scam and will come after you if you close an account with them, I suggest anyone reading this get a capital one instead, They treat you allot better and even reward you for your loyalty.

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