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Dave’s Goldmine Mexican Grill

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So I wanted to get some Mexican food, specifically a burrito. I was hoping to get actual authentic Mexican food and I had heard about this place from a friend so I decided to go. Big fat MISTAKE! When I went in and ordered they were so rude and the woman who was taking my order was giving me the dirtiest look and being really shady and sassy. Like excuse me woman, I did nothing to you, all I did was come in hungry and want some authentic Mexican cuisine and this is how I’m treated? So rude! Then there was a man behind the counter and he was almost as rude as the woman to me. I dont understand why. Maybe they were having a bad day or something but that is no right to be rude and awful to paying customers! I haven’t been back since and honestly the burrito wasn’t even that good. The burrito was actually pretty wack definitely one of the worst burritos along with one of the worst service I’ve ever had. Don’t go to this place take your business elsewhere!

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