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Dell Computer Svc- Impostor

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On April 14th,2018 I contacted Dell Computer Services for assistance in setting up Yahoo email, not aware that it could be done without calling anyone. I was charged $******. i was in contact with a rep named Alex who I was on the phone with. He tried to set me up and then said he couldn’t do it for some odd reason. He then told me since he was unable to help me, that he would refund me my $***. This is where it gets crazy. He then said in order to have my funds deposited I had to purchase $$*** worth of debit cards from Target. Once I did that, he said he made an error and that his company did not accept target cards and I had to purchase a couple of Steam debit cards for a total of 4 cards at $***** each.



That was April 2nd. On April 8th I noticed my money was not deposited. I called and emailed about it. A Alexander called me on 4/30 at 2pm and told him that his company unauthorized withdrew all the money I had in my checking acct $907.00 and my savings acct of $******. All this happened because they were trying to deposit $****** and the guy deposited $***** instead. They told me to get incorrect debit cards and they caused damage to my account causing non payment of my bills.



On May 1st a Michael called to fool around with my computer at 8 am , then an Alex called to fool around with it some more at 8:50am same day. Still on 5/1, another call from Alex and then again at 4:05 pm. On 5/1 a Michael Smith ( he had an Indian accent-so I question the last name) called and gave me a secret security code and told me not to speak with anyone who didn’t give me the code. On 5/2 again Alex called at 1:30pm and started a cleaning process on my computer.(uh oh) at 3:15 Michael Williams called again and said under no terms was I to speak with anyone but him that the previous person may be scamming me.Call me stupid but he had me purchase 4 more Steam cards at $***** each. He also gave me another security code and his work ID number.



He called 5/4 at 9am and told me my funds of $******* plus an extra $****** for my trouble fee will be deposited on 5/5 Saturday. As of 5/4 I’m a nervous wreck wondering what is going to happen tomorrow. All I want is all my money plus the NSF fees I was charged and I think it’w worth about $*****. as they promised me. All my correspondence was done by phone text. and calls

Steam-Whirl.com Incompetent/Fraudulent
Dhgate sucks


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