Police Misconduct Racial Discrimination

Deputy Jason Meade Fatally Shot Casey Goodson in Columbus, Ohio

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Date:  December 9, 2020

A young black man was fatally shot in Columbus, Ohio on 12-9-20 in front of his little brother and grandmother while trying to enter his home, Casey Goodson, 23 was just coming back home from subway his family says, when he was fatally shot by a 17-year veteran deputy, Jason Meade of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office.

Sources say Mr Goodson was legally armed at the time of shooting and had legal papers and permits to carry, Goodson was not alleged to be wanted in any crimes and in fact had no criminal record, and was not wanted on any warrants.

Goodson was simply trying to enter his home with sandwiches in his hand and was shot dead before he can even get inside home, Keys still in the door while he lay dead while his family witness this whole altercation, Franklin County Sheriff’s Office had no comments as of yesterday and the family plans to seek justice for this unjustified shooting.

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