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Do Not Work AT Allan’s Falafel Restaurant

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It’s been awhile since I ended working at Allan’s Falafel Jewish restaurant but I still am pissed off by the way the owner “Allan” treated me while working as a dishwasher there, First off they do have good food but the way he treat his “employees” is like night and day compared to how he treats his customers.

He hires illegal Mexicans and pays them under the table, The one Mexican guy who been there for a long time thinks he’s the boss of everybody and because Allen uses this guy for everything and anything making him work 12 hour shifts sometimes, he gives him special privileges and allows him to talk to new employees like garbage (I almost slapped the hell out of him) but I calmed myself down, anyway Allen is hiring illegal aliens to avoid taxes and this should be investigated.

He also brings guns to the back of the restaurant laying around like nothing thinking he is some kind of Rambo or something, that should not be around in the kitchen where people are working and tempers are rising.

Allen I don’t know who you think you are and why you treat your employees like that but screw you and I hope you get caught and jailed for all the years you’ve hired illegal aliens to do your dirty work and paying them dirt cheap, I’m glad I left your dump when I did because I am now making a 6 figure income and love what I’m doing.

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