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E-liq.com is Very Unprofessional

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This site is very unprofessional so much I had to stop doing business with them after 3 years on non stop business I’ve had it with there rude and unprofessional service every time I call them it’s someone that don’t have a clue about anything or they don’t pick up the phone hardly ever.

I called one time and a Mexican with a heavy accent picks up while saying “fool” to someone in the background, Who in the world answers the phone like that? Anyways after they screwed up my order for the last time I stop doing business with them after that.

So now I make my own e-liquids and so glad I made the changed..lesson learn? do not trust this company for your vape shops because they will not honor long time customers and can care less about you and your business needs. Find another company or make your own e-liquids it’s not that hard.

You’ve been warn! stay away from e-liq.com

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Godaddy is Horrible!


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