Rip Off Scam Businesses Took My Money

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This site is seems legit & impressive. It claims you will be able to download mp3 music files after you sign up as a member. So I joined and paid the membership fees, but as I attempted to login to retrieve my songs, this site would not recognise my login details. I checked and doubled checked my credentials of course and re-entered these into the site, but the website still would not allow me to login, after that I became suspicious.

After doing some research and found this site was a  fraud, a scam and apparently sites like this particular one operate on a 80-90% basis. That is to say they are legitimate for a large part of their operations, but the remaining percentage are fraudulent. This is the way they could gain legitimacy so that search engine companies such as Google and yahoo, give them a listing and ranks.

My advice to everyone reading bad bizz is when buying anything from the Internet, please do your research first before you dish out any money. Which is what I should have done and avoid sites like this. If you are a victim of such behavior, immediately cancel your credit card, or start a claim with Paypal fast!

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