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Ex-NFL Desmond Marrow Slammed By Police

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Today Desmond Marrow said he was slammed and choked by police after they said he made threats to a person who threw a cup of coffee at his car.


A by stander who happen to catch about a minute of this on video said that one officer can be seen pinning Mr. Marrow down and choking him while down, Mr. Marrow can be heard saying “I’m not even resisting” and can also be yelling several times that he couldn’t breath, On Desmond’s Facebook profile, Desmond Marrow said officers claimed he had a gun in his pocket, but he says it was only a cellphone. He also wrote that cops “knocked my teeth out, slammed me on my head and choked me out until I was unconscious. In addition I suffered a shoulder strain and a concussion.”


Later the police said that Mr. Marrow was chasing a car that threw a cup of coffee on his car and that the chase had led to a shopping parking lot,  The police officer notice that Mr. Marrow was driving aggressively and decided to confront him, Mr Marrow was eventually arrested and is not known what happen after his arrest. He was charged  terrorist threats, reckless and aggressive driving.

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