Who is BadBizz and what do you do?

Badbizz is a online complaint site for consumers. We are a fair consumer complaint site who only want a good outcome for people and businesses so that everybody can truly have the best experience for both parties in the long run and to avoid future mistakes and complaints.


Is your site free to post complaints?

We are totally free. We don’t believe in charging people to post complaints or reviews but we do offer an Intervention service for those who want to step it up a notch.


Can I remove my complaint if the business and I resolved matters?

Yes absolutely.  We don’t believe in holding businesses hostage if they owned there mistakes and made things better and your happy.  Deleting a complaint is easy just login into your account dashboard.


Can I get in trouble or sued for posting a complaint?

Absolutely not if you don’t violate any local or federal laws like Defamation, If what you are claiming is the total truth and you can back it up then there is nothing to worry about, Businesses or persons might intimidate you in believing they can sue you but don’t fall for it because it’s your first amendment right to express yourself about anything you want and to share your experiences and thoughts. Businesses often realize this costly mistake through enormous court and lawyers fees and think twice before going after honest consumers who has the right to express there opinions about a product or service they paid for.

That said, When submitting  your complaints or reviews here on BadBizz.com we ask that you be totally honest and submit any proof you may have with your claims, We also ask you do not submit any social security numbers, credit card numbers, bank account numbers or anything that might be a security risk to you, We will not be liable for any content you submit here that might be high risk.


What’s your intervention service?

Not all businesses know they have a bad complaint online so for a small one time fee we will go straight to the source of your problem and contact the business via phone, text, email and direct USPS mail informing them about your complaint and how it’s bad for business sort of speak and they need to respond.  We keep you updated every step of the way.  We don’t take all complaints it depends on the situation, we will let you know if we can or can’t and refund you if we can’t help your certain situation.


My business or name is listed here what should I do?

First thing first you should respond to the complaint by posting comments below the listing and see if it can be resolved by the accuser, The accuser can removed the complaint at his/her will if a resolution was made.

All comments are public and recorded so that any resolution made is documented.

That said, Some reviews or complaints just can’t be resolved or removed for instances, Rude customer service or racial profiling will likely be here for a long time because consumers refuse to delete such behavior that should have never happen in the first place.


What is a Video Complaint?

A video complaint is just that, Instead of writing in your complaint you can submit a detail video explaining the situation on video.  Please follow the steps below to submit a video to us.

  1. Make and upload your video to YouTube.
  2. Go HERE and fill out the video complaint form.
  3. Your video gets submitted and once approved we will add it to BadBizz.com