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5 African American Women Racial Profiled at Golf Course

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4/25/2018 – Five women Sandra Thompson,Myneca Ojo,sisters Sandra Harrison,and Carolyn Dow, and Karen Crosby all say they were racial decriminalize today at a golf club in Dover Township located in Pennsylvania.

The five African american women say that they were rushed off the golf course and the treatment they received was racial profiling to them and only them being the only black golfers there. All five women are middle aged golfers who has been golfing for at least 10 years all around the county they are known as the Sisters in the Fairway, From York county.

It all started when one of the owners approached the ladies claiming they were taking to long on there breaks between the first and second halves and that they needed to speed up the pace and told them they had to leave and that the police were going to be called against them if they didn’t. The women said none of the other customers were treated like that and in fact the group before them were taking even longer with multiple break times but they were the only group constantly harassed and watched.

The self proclaim owner, Steve Chronister, approached the ladies first and was very rude and “He was extremely hostile,” said one the ladies, Later JJ Chronister said she was the owner of the golf club and that Steve Chronister was not and that he was more of a “advisory” of the club and that she regrets that there club members were treated like that.

Steve Chronister then approached the ladies again for the second time saying that they were to slow and to keep up pace, Thompson (one of the ladies) said that they were not going slow and notice that Steve Chronister focus was on them the whole time and not the other group who were white and just as slow if not slower then they were.

The owners offered them a refund and wanted them to just leave but the ladies said they paid money and are members and would like to play and finish there game, She also said that a refund is like telling us you don’t want us as members here.


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