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Fortress Metal Buildings Ripoff Scam, AKA MBJD Steel

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I got involved with this company in sept of 2016 and my experience seems to be very similar to a lot of the other reviews I have read on them from different sources including yelp, google reviews, and the better business bureau.

My experience originally started off with a call from Chase (I think that was his name) where he informed me there were some clearance buildings at great prices I could get. I had some questions and he said he could connect me to one of their 'engineers'. He connected me to Joe Digraziano who is a manager of the company, not an engineer. Over the course of the day I received numerous high pressure phone calls telling me I need to act today or else I would not get the pricing. I then got another call from a competitor who told me that he bought his products from Fortress and he could not match their pricing. I later found out this was a Fortress Employee posing as a competitor as I saved the number in my phone.

My experience kept getting worse. I received plans out of the blue without authorizing them, and the plans did not match what I was sold. I started getting concerned and did more research on the company which confirmed my suspicion. This company's owner's have a long history of other business dealings as owners of other metal companies. When I asked for a refund I was told that was not an option.

Since then I have had numerous other interactions that have been rude, or threatening. I tried to rework the deal I signed to get material sent to me and I got a quote that was 2x market price. They then offered me a refund of a portion of my money and when I agreed to take it, they said they would not honor that either.

I have gotten into contact with other customers and prospects of theirs to confirm their experiences were similar to mine. IT's no surprise that this company has an F rating with the Better Business Bureau. The owners of this company have a litany of criminal charges as well as business complaints in their past and I wished I had known this before getting involved with them.

I recommend you do your due diligence before giving these people your money. Search on the business principles and their past activities.

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  1. Me and my family also be ripped off be them also. They got $8,600 of my money for a downpayment and now are not going to deliver or will not answer my emails or phone calls. Joe , Eric Wagner and mike are all a bunch of scammers. I just want my money back because they did not deliver.