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Government Grant Scam

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Year ago I have received message from my friend saying that she had won Government Grant in the amount of $200,00.00 I congratulated her.She said you can apply too,maybe you will win too and she gave me the agent tel.number.I applied and in very short period of time they said I am eligible to receive $100,00.00,but I have to pay $600.00 dollars for delivery.I sent this money by money gram and it was a beginning of the ripping me off.They would ask for more money to send them.They used my friend's name to encourage me to pay them money.In the end of this ordeal I found out that my friend never had won any grant they used her name, her voice to con me.I did trust my friend and gave her my personal info.Scammer used it for fake transactions to my credit card account.My" friend "convinced me everything will be legal and asked me to do some errands in order to receive faster my grants. My debt in my credit card is 45,000.00.And my Chase bank doesn't want to help me with this debt.

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