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He will tell you no charge then charge you in the mail a month later… then even though you’re paying the payments he well take you to collections Just because he doesn’t like you debating his extra charges

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This man is a dermatologist in Beverly Hills he will charge you $200 to visit his office. He is very unprofessional. Unfortunately a month after the office is it you will receive a bill in the mail for twice the amount that you paid originally and he require that you pay the bill saying that it was never the original fee. Because you don’t want your bills to go to collections regardless that you know that you’re in the right. I paid it then half the amount of money thank goodness I had it documented in checks or money orders they will tell you that you owe much more than what he’s already ripping you off at. On top of taking it to collections for some reason I don’t know what his problem is or what he’s trying to pull but it’s just wrong. I am not the type to complain about anything usually! In this matter I hope nobody has to go through what I went through ! what this man or doctor did was terrible!

Didn"t receive an item that I ordered
Not conforming to their promise in signed contract


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