Hire Us To Intervene

Need a faster response from the business? Let us take it up a notch!

So you’ve just posted a complaint online with us and want a faster response from the business or person in question and you don’t want to wait for them to reply online?

Sometimes it has to take a 3rd party to intervene in order to show the business you mean business!


This is where we come in by informing the business in every way possible that you just submitted a complaint with us and it is not going to disappear instead it will only hurt there business more in the long run, The best thing they can do is try to resolve the issue with you.


We can step in and make this complaint go allot faster for you by hiring us to directly contact the business through phone, email and direct certified USPS mail informing them that a complaint was submitted on BadBizz and how they should respond to your complaint in hopes a resolution can be solve.


How is it done?


Upon gathering some information from you about the business or person in question, We will go straight to work for you by first sending an email to the complaint in question personal email address (if you know it)  informing them that a bad review was just submitted and forward them to the complaint post link of the complaint you’ve posted on BadBizz.

Then, We will send them a a notice through USPS mail informing the business that you have posted a bad complaint about there business and you would like to resolve it. They would then come to our site and review the bad complaint against them and have the opportunity to communicate with you via BadBizz for a possible outcome.

If the following two efforts above goes unanswered by the business we will contact them via phone and text informing them of your complaint.


Not all complaints who ask us to intervene qualify and may be denied at our discretion, We will refund your payment if we refuse your claim.

Getting Started


  1. Submit a free complaint if you haven’t done so already. You can submit one located on main page HERE
  2. Fill the form out below and provide us additional information. 
  3. Pay the small one time fee of $69.99

    You will be redirected to payment after form is submitted.

    We can guarantee our commitment in going after the business or person for you but we make no guarantees that a response will be preformed by them.