How To Submit Complaints

Submitting a bad review or complaint 101.

Submitting a complaint or bad experience with a business on Badbizz is a straight forward process here, We are a platform for honest legitimate consumers who need to voice there experience with a business, product or person and it is your right to do so.

We allow anyone to submit an honest complaint on just about any business who have done you wrong, again it’s your right and law of freedom of speech.

We practice fair rights for both the person who files a complaint and business or person to defend themselves or to make it right with you by either offering you a refund, new product, public apology or any outcome that your comfortable with and that is fair for both parties.

We believe if you submit a complaint you should be able to delete the complaint when you want, This is why BadBizz gives you full rights to your complaint posting and you may edit or delete as you wish unless there was a mutual agreement with both parties that the problem was resolve then we will delete the complaint from our site and can not be reopened.

Play Fair.

BadBizz is a fair consumer complaint site which means we give the business the right to post comments under your complaint posting so that they can communicate with you and hopefully work things out which makes both parties happy.

We are not here to take anyone’s side we just want a positive outcome for you and the business to own there flaws.

When posting a complaint on this site and to better prove your case without speculation we ask that you upload any proof you may have to prove your complaint or reviews,  This can be any of the following.


Pictures – Pictures are worth a thousand words! If you have any pictures or can take pictures of the complaint in question please do so and upload them to your posting.

Videos – Videos are worth a million words! If you have any videos of the complaint in question please provide that link in your description or send it to us by contacting us and uploading through email and we will post it to your listing and/or our YouTube channel.

Communications Screenshots From Business –  Most consumers try to communicate with the business before resorting to anything else but most times the business will give you the run around for months or even years and things just don’t get resolved therefor if you have any communications screenshots you can prove you tried to reach out, Attached them to your posting.

Receipts – Having receipts are good tools if a product was purchased and your claim is that the product was defective or not as describe and the business refuses to refund you. Please attach your receipt to your claim posting for proof.


If you don’t have any proof and you just want to review a business and give your honest feedback on that company such as, Your thoughts on a customer service rep, Mistreatment, Harassment or any other general feedback that you can share with the public feel free to do so, It’s your right.


Searching Complaints or Companies

It’s always a wise thing to research the company your about to do business with first at BadBizz we make it easy.  to start your search locate the “Search Complaints”  on the left upper side of the website and start your search, You can search by business name, keywords, Locations or a combination of all three.


If there listed here you will find them, We recommend scrolling through the complaints and read each complaint (if any) and come up with your own conclusions, Scroll down to the comments section and see if that particular business has come to any resolutions with previous accusers if not then you should ask yourself why and probably do business with someone else.