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I’ve been an H&R client since 2004 with a typical return costing between $300-$500. This year has been the worst customer service experience in 16 years. I’ve been calling H&R Block since March 2020 (today is 7/6/2020). I’ve called my local office and the corporate number at least 5 times each since then and couldn’t get any answers regarding office hours, which offices are open, or when I can get an appointment. As the entire NY state is reopening, my H&R local office has just informed me that the appointment corporate made for me for 7/10/2020 can’t be in person because they’re not seeing clients and that they can’t guarantee timely filing for anything dropped off after 7/8/2020. My local office isn’t answering the phone and the tax professional I’m supposed to meet with hasn’t responded to my email. The H&R Block website states their offices are open for appointments. I have a consistently complicated return (hence the high fees and 1hr+ appointments every year). This is not a drop-off return that can be done without in-person interaction and I’m running out of time to file. I feel as though H&R Block has simply given up on its customers this year. The rep I just spoke to at the main corporate number basically told me that if the local office isn’t responding to my email or answering the phone he can’t help me. The survey link I received today after my call says it’s expired and shows a date of 6/28/20. Reminder: I’ve been calling since March. Really H&R??!

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