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i am UK residence and received a call from James Barker of Cabbot Law Group (CLG) on 7.February 2018 and email fro Travis Goldman at CLG to say that I am holder of 44,700 shares in GLOBAL ENERGY RESOURCES INC (GER) and compensation payout is handled by CLG.


As the shares are held as Private Stock Purchase and Escrow agreement (PSPA) I needed to sign the document and send it back by email which i did. CLG told me from start that they will not handle any money from me and Dept. of Financial Regulators (DFR) will handle my cash and funds. At that stage, I though that this seems genuine and believed them. DFR sent me email to say that because the shares are registered as RESTRICTED STOCK under Reg.S144. I needed to pay an Agent to convert my shares into “A” shares.


Fee of $11,175 was paid by me by bank transfer to Hong Kong bank. later Mr Sharpe and Mr Barrett, both from DFR told me that the shares are now converted and they noticed that I have warrants attached to my 44,700 shares, which i can purchase at $1 each = total to pay $44,700. This will make my original 44,700 shares together with the converted warrants to 89,400 shares worth $3.50 each = total payout of $312,900 to me. As this was a very tempting offer, I paid by banks transfer $44,700 to USA bank account provided by Mr Barrett. Then Mr Michael Smith of Tax Revenue Agent – IRS – US Internal Revenue Service came on the scene to say that, in order to get the payout, I needed complete Form W-8BEN form, which i did then he told me that I need to pay 30% tax on the total payout of $93,700 ($312,000 x 30%). This was about 1 week ago – Mid April 2018.



At that point, I felt that I have been SCAMMED. Since then, I have been sent by email by all three of them – Cabbot Law Group, Dept of Financial Regulators and IRS Tax Dept. to sent them the tax money. I have received ‘phone calls also to pay up the taxes. i need your quick and honest advice to know If I am dealing with genuine organisations? i am sending you some of the documents which I have. I could only provide you with one PDF file. I have 7 pdf to send you – if you send me your email address. Bellow – Country option is only USA and CANADA. COUNTRY, STATE AND POST CODE – is temporary used of IRS Tax Revenue Agent as this email would not go to you. I am from UK England.

Government Grant Scam


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