Is Your Business Listed Here?

With over 90% of people now doing some kind of reserch online before they buy a product or serivice the last thing you need is a bad review therefor we kindly ask all businesses or persons listed here to carfully review this section to see if a resoultion to the complaint recieved can be resloved.

Where not here to hold you hostage

We are just a simple platform where honest reviews and complaints where consumers can be heard, Unlike other complaint boards they will hold your business hostage and make you pay to intervene with the consumer,  That’s not resolving anything between you and the consumer it is only benefiting that complaint board.

We are a little different here, if a complaint is received at BadBizz from the consumer, we will allow you to engage with that consumer who has filed the complaint free of charge, by posting replies under the complaint. There should not be a fee for simply wanting to defend yourself and/or trying to offer that consumer some kind of resolution this way both parties are happy with the outcome.

Responding to a complaint

We know all businesses go through some type complaints and unhappiness from customers everyday but it is your responsibility as a business to make it right for them and your future customers, It’s the only right thing to do as a business.

So, If you have gotten notice that a complaint was submitted on this site we strongly advise you to engage with the consumer as he or she has the power to remove the complaint.   We can remove any complaint at our will but strong evidence must be presented either by comments below the complaint or contacting us with your proof, Other then that we simply do not just take down consumer complaints because you want us too, Consumers have the right to express themselves and thoughts in this free world.

Complaints can hurt your business

Since the birth of the internet and the power of the review, Businesses now know that only 1 complaint can potentially cost you hundreds of customers and will not look good down the road as more and more people do searches before they invest any money on services, products and people.

You can’t please everybody but you can make it right even from simply responding to complaints shows that you care and you hear there concerns, Most people just want to hear your accountability of the situation.

The complaint isn’t true now what?

We are not here to figure out what is true and what is not, As all people in this country, Consumers have the right to speak freely and express there experience with you, It’s everyone’s first amendment.

We simply can’t stop someone from submitting any review on you because that will defeat the purpose of badbizz, We are here to give them a voice and resolution.

That said, We do recommend all complaints submitted on BadBizz attach any proof documents or videos to there postings therefor eliminating most speculations but there are some where providing proof isn’t always  the case for there particular situation therefor we can not ask all users to submit documents.

If we feel that proof is needed for a particular complaint such as a broken product then we will ask the person submitting the complaint to provide pictures of the broken product received to there listings if they haven’t already.

Respond..Resolve..Move On.

Responding to a complaint listing here is the start of something amazing(or bad) depending how things go with the communication with the two but more likely people just want to hear from you and resolve the situation.

If a resolution is reached and your both happy with the outcome then you can ask the consumer to delete the complaint filed against you and you learn from your mistakes as a business and you take that with you to avoid future unhappy consumers.