Racial Discrimination

Man Who Said “Black Lives Don’t Matter” Hit Teen With Bike Lock

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Another racial incident happen when 42 year old Lee James Mouat confronted a black teen and his friends in a monroe park just south of detroit, Witnesses say Lee James of Newport hit the teen with a bike lock fracturing his jaw and knocking out several teeth and was repeatedly using the N-word while yelling “Black Lives Don’t Matter”.

Lee James Mouat  indicated the teens was playing “loud gangster music” and they don’t belong on this beach which is located at Sterling State Park, This happen just 2 weeks after George Floyd’s death, This incident was not widely known until now, Mr. Lee james was arrested quickly after the incident and charged with a hate crime along with other charges, He was also facing other state felony charges of assault and ethnic intimidation.

Lee james was caught saying to the victim  Devin Freelon, 18, and his friends as “Monsters” and repeatedly calling them the N-word and saying to get off his beach and that he has something in his car for them.

The victim, Mr Freelon needed dental work after this hate crime and the money was raised on a GoFundMe page which raised over $18,000 but shortly after a dental office offered to do all the dental work needed free of charge.

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