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Middletown NY Post Office Rude Customer Service

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I went to the post office today like I usually do to drop off my daily envelope packages into the inside mail drop and as I was doing it I heard a ghetto lady inside getting mad because I guess she was upset for the fact I was dropping more mail in which means more work she has to do ( if you don’t like your quit) dah.


So this lady whose name is Erica, a sloppy white big bone trailer trash looking women comes out the side door yelling telling me “why are you dropping off mail here” really?  isn’t this for mail and packages, anyway this sorry excuse for a human being has the nerve to give me attitude because she hates her job and taking it out on me, Anyway she begins to curse and acting ratchet, Yes a postal professional.


I begin to tell her don’t give me an attitude and do not yell at me again or I will file a complaint with the post master on you and every complaint site like badbizz if I have too,  The post office located in Middletown NY really needs to get there act together, Most of all there employees are rude and dirty looking, Huge lines and little to no customer service,  They really need to be properly trained and learn how to deal with customers.


To the postal worker name Erica I have already filed a complaint with USPS headquarters you should be hearing from them soon and to the postmaster, manger or who ever is in charged, you should be fired along with Erica for lack of training and customer service, you don’t yell or give people attitudes just because your having a bad day or don’t like your job.

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