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My Horrible Experience with Orbitz

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Due to Coronavirus we needed to drop and rebook an outing to Mexico booked in March. We never got an affirmation email subsequent to rebooking July sixteenth. After bringing in on July eighteenth we found a blunder was made on our arrival flight date. Subsequent to going through more than 2 hours on the telephone with Orbitz we couldn’t resolve the issue. We called the carrier legitimately. We paid $417.69 for each ticket on our unique reservation in March our new tickets were 279.59 each.

American Airlines said they were regarding the full estimation of our unique passes to Orbitz. Orbitz would not discount the value contrast $138.10 per ticket. We quietly went through more than two hours on the telephone attempting to determine the misstep which they wouldn’t do just to find they are benefitting to our detriment due to Covid-19 travel strategy!! (We needed to pay again cash based to American direct to fix Orbitz mistake!!!) Happy Birthday to me!!!

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