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New York State Trooper J.D Lacey Out To Get You

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So I got pulled over today by JD Lacy a state trooper on highway 17m in Sullivan county New York, This jerk who was sitting and waiting on the other side of the highway spots me coming down a hill on the opposite side of the highway decides he wants to go after me thinking he can find something wrong because I was in a flashy car and black and I must be breaking the law.

So he stocks behind my vehicle for about 3 minutes, I guess looking up my license plates and seeing if the car is stolen or not, When everything turn out LEGIT he then puts his lights on and decides to pull me over, I’m thinking to myself watch he make something up and charge me with something just because it won’t look bad on his end.

He then states I was speeding (Total Lie) I was not speeding for one, for two I seen him 2 miles down on the other side of the highway why would I speed when there is a cop sitting there duhh, and for three I’ve never gotten a ticket in my 20 years of driving because I don’t play with my life or others so I take my time, Anyway he asking my all kinds of questions like where you going, where you coming from, who car is this..Like really? I’m sure you did your lookup in the computer and you have my licences in your hand need I say more.

Anyway this trooper was talking all nice after the fact he couldn’t fine nothing on me and still decided to give me a ticket which I later went to court in Mamakating Town Court, Which is a small town court just off 17m going towards Monticello, When I tell you this court is out to get your money and just your money, believe me!

The court system works by telling people they “should just pay the fine” to make it go away and basically not encouraging a trial which of course makes them no money, I was at that court house for an hour and they must have made over 10 grand in that one hour, for most people like me who was innocent or at least let them proof it before you go and encourage they just pay a fine.. what a freaking ripoff the system is.

Anyway, I paid the stupid fine just so I don’t have to deal with them anymore, Thanks J.D Lacey State Trooper of Mamakating, Thanks for the lies and mistreatment..remember god do not like ugly or evil and karma will come back to knocking on your door.

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