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Not conforming to their promise in signed contract

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We paid for this promotion at the New York New York hotel and casino, is is directly across from the check-in and I have been on the phone and have spoke to New York New York about the situation. Neither businesses will follow through with the contract we paid for on the contract. If I call for any reason they put me on hold for at least an hour. I have been trying to deal with this situation for over 5+ hours on the phone. I am not rude or agrees I’ve over the phone, this is not right! Regardless if I get a refund or not this is not right to do to people. Nobody should be taken advantage of or lied to! Please look into this!

He will tell you no charge then charge you in the mail a month later... then even though you’re paying the payments he well take you to collections Just because he doesn’t like you debating his extra charges
Mitali Mistry Bradford


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