Police Misconduct Racial Discrimination Rude or Racist Cops

NY State Trooper in Middletown, NY Racial Profiling BEWARE!

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Today 12-1-2020 around 4:00pm a state trooper who last or first name start with a K (please see attached photo of plate number)  pulled me over stating it was because of a sticker on back windshield which is my business website and located at the bottom of window that is not blocking my view, He came up with this excuse because he had no legal right to pull me over, His real excuse was him hoping to find drugs and a no license driver which he was sadly mistaken.

After his excuse of pulling me over for a simple business sticker on back window he then asked to search me and the vehicle and asking if I was a drug dealer because I had a nice car and the fact that I am a black man, I have no criminal record and am a business man for a long time, I don’t appreciate being racial profiled and then search like a criminal with no cause.

This post will stay up until this officer is dealt with properly, He violated my civil rights and this post will be forwarded to NYS Troopers officials and other online outlets to make sure this kind of conduct will stop. I want this state trooper fired!

I asked for the trooper’s name but don’t recall it, His first name or last name starts with a “K” and the trooper car number is 2F55. I took this picture as I got back in my car.

Update: I submitted complaint with NYS Trooper affairs (iaffairs@troopers.ny.gov, Submitted with google reviews and other sites, Will be in talks with lawyers shortly for violating my civil rights and racial profiling.




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