5 African American Women Racial Profiled at Golf Course

4/25/2018 – Five women Sandra Thompson,Myneca Ojo,sisters Sandra Harrison,and Carolyn Dow, and Karen Crosby all say they were racial decriminalize today at a golf club in Dover Township located in Pennsylvania. The five African american women say that they were rushed off the golf course and the treatment they received Read More

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3 Fired at La Fitness For Racial Discrimination

Only about a week in after the Philadelphia Starbucks racial profiling incident three are now fired from LA fitness for racial profiling of  two young black men.   On the two black men’s Facebook pages describes the incident of how the La Employees asked them to “Pay Up” or leave Read More

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Supermarkets Tampering With Food Dates

Thinking the expiration date on the meat and food you buy is accurate? Think again as we go undercover and expose super markets tampering with your food and how you can learn if the food your buying is fresh or not so fresh. When buying meats from your local grocery Read More

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Publishers Clearing House False Claims

5000 loss

PCH should be very ashamed of themselves by providing such false claims, false advertising and illegal practices all while playing with peoples emotions in hopes of wining big one day when all reality your wasting your time and money trying win with them, It's not gonna happen just read all Read More

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Do Not Work AT Allan’s Falafel Restaurant

It’s been awhile since I ended working at Allan’s Falafel Jewish restaurant but I still am pissed off by the way the owner “Allan” treated me while working as a dishwasher there, First off they do have good food but the way he treat his “employees” is like night and Read More

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Car Dealerships Ripoffs Undercover Video

Watch as we go undercover exposing car dealerships who ripoff you off for your hard earn money, This investigation shows mechanics who try to upsell you for unneeded or unwanted services. Learn how you can avoid this type of scams the next time you go in for an oil change Read More