E-liq.com is Very Unprofessional

This site is very unprofessional so much I had to stop doing business with them after 3 years on non stop business I’ve had it with there rude and unprofessional service every time I call them it’s someone that don’t have a clue about anything or they don’t pick up Read More

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Godaddy is Horrible!

I have been with go daddy for a long time and I'm starting to see the prices going sky high at every renewal for each of my domains, Why do you guys advertise that go daddy is the best and best priced which is clearly not. I think godaddy should Read More

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150 loss

I went to this company in hopes to get an I.D because although I was born a raised in the USA I was adopted and don’t know where or when I was born therefor I can not located the hospital I was born in to get my birth certificate so Read More

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Credit One Credit Card

230 loss

Here's my review about credit one credit card I got this card about the same time i got a capital one credit card and this is like night and day there is no comparing heres why, When I first got the card (credit one) I received it with a 500 Read More

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Do not work for Kirby vacuum products

1400 loss

If you ever see an ad in the paper or local job fair I'm warning you now to never work for Kirby selling there high end vaccums that no body will buy. I've work as an independent contractor for this company for a whole month with a promise they would Read More

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Can’t trust Toco Warranty

2000 loss

What a time wasted on this company, Toco will sell you there soul in order for you to buy there warranty they made it sound all good and how they have my back if anything goes wrong boy was I wrong about them. First off I invested almost $2000 into Read More

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Monticello Casino In New York SCAM

10000 loss

To everyone reading this I would just like to express my frustration with this casino and how you should stay away because they will rob you blind they are obvious desperate for money because a new real casino hotel resort just opened not to far from there (like 2 miles Read More

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