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Pay Anywhere Credit card Processing TERRIBLE!

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Never put your business credit cards needs in the hands of Payanywhere if you do good luck getting your money from them. I went for this company because I needed a way to process credit cards for my offline subscription business and payanywhere talked a good game but I should of did some research of them first to avoid the nightmare that was about to happen to me throughout the months.


Signing up to the company was good (of course) they make it seems this way at first so that they can get you in and then hit you with all these made up rules and regulations. Anyway, I started using them for some credit card processing and couldn’t wait for them to deposit the money in my account with 2 days as they mention through out the signup process. 2 days goes by and nothing in my account then a week, 2 weeks I finally contacted them asking why my deposits weren’t in my account yet they said it was on hold, wait on hold for what?


They then explain to me that they must hold my funds for verification, Ok first off what verification do you need to review when clearly they are all valid how in the world did you think I got the credit cards and the information and secondly if there was any fraud committed or charge backs don’t you think it would have been reported by now?


And, why in the hell hasn’t anyone contacted me about this instead of having people wait for there hard earn money with out any explanation.. They should have contacted me after 2 weeks!!! anyway, This went on for months you guys months! Finally got fed up and went to BBB where you can file a complaint for that company as they have a profile on there, To my surprise they were really acting like they care when communicating back and forth with them on BBB.


This went on for another 2 months then finally after they seen I was giving up on BBB they finally agreed to release my funds and close my account as I asked them to, I can’t stress enough to you guys do not deal with this company and put your business processing in lingo because they will screw you over from your first deposit, and mine was only $175 and they gave me the around for months to get paid, So I imagine if you had a couple hundreds or thousands in the hands of pay anywhere. Stay clear from them and save yourself allot of frustration and go with another company and do your research as I should of done.

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