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PayPal I’m Done! I’m Filling a Class Action Lawsuit

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Paypal is one disgraceful company I have ever seen and today I filed a lawsuit with my attorney, They have screwed me one to many times and I’ve had it with them, How are they still in business is beyond belief.

Yesterday Paypal terminated my account out of nowhere and decides they want to keep my funds for absolutely no reason, They are so unreliable and will cut you off for any stupid reason they feel necessary and forget about small businesses who rely on them for not one but all their online businesses only because it is widely known and customers prefer the ease and “security” of Paypal but for sellers that is not the case.

As a seller first starting off selling on ebay years ago I can remember always having some sort of problems with Paypal freezing funds, asking for more information etc.. They have never been consisting with their business practices and today I have had it, Yesterday evening I filed a lawsuit with my attorney and hopefully others will join me.

If Paypal has screwed you over also please message me though here or leave your review in the comments and I’ll tell you how you can join me in my lawsuit to take this company down or atleast hit them where it hurts, This company should not be doing business at all, With so many people “millions” complaining about the robbery that goes on with Paypal, How are they even doing business anyway.

Paypal you are the worst credit card company I’ve ever dealt with and not only are you losing millions of customers who are turning to other processors like square and stripe but your customer service has gone down hill also,  They have outsourced  their customer service to India, Good luck trying to explain your situation with a rep. Over the years I’ve seen Paypal and Ebay go down the drain and sued many times and you deserve what you get and my lawsuit will be another to your list of angry sellers.

I will never ever ever ever! Use them again.

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