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I was seventeen when I first worked as a waiter/ bartender.
Both jobs, regular customers become a large portion of your income, even if the tip isn’t the best, say 5 on a 30 if they come 5 times a month, that’s 25 dollars a month which comes out to 300 dollars a year, so yeah taking care of regulars is important. Every old school eatery/drinkry has their ” Betty ” the waitress that basically came with the building who knows how things work better than the owners and knows all the customers, essentially the business wouldn’t run without her.


Alright so ” Betty” tells me the gentleman that has been requesting my table every time he comes here is actually a child pretitor. I told her he’s never tried to pull anything on me thank God for his sake.
She tells me to Google his name,
So Im taking care of a party of 11, when your taking care of a party of 11, your not just putting a show on for them, but your other tables also. I introduced myself and they told me it was the little man’s birthday,” NO WAY ITS MY BIRTHDAY ALSO “. ( It actually was)
As the evening winds down, I was brutality grabbed, held, and pushed aside, to my surprise, it was the predator.
” How old how old” he says eyes gleaming like a boy in a candy shop. NINETEEN I say shoving past him.
I didn’t think much of it, but next week, on my day off I get a call from work saying there’s a letter for me. Alright werid.
I collect the letter.


Inside a twenty and ” thank you for everything you’ve done for me. I love you” sighned by .. . You guessed it.
It became a huge joke in the reasturant with all the staff involved.The guy contuined to come and harass me. I took it lightly, jokingly telling the cook to ” not forget the side of rat poison for table 4″
Until I actually googled his name. Geroge Decasta. He was definitely know in the community. He was in charge of a Catholic school, two boys got in trouble and he just so happens to send them to the detention center which he also is in charge of.


This is where he forced the two boys to drink alcohol, resulting in them passing out waking up to Decosta fondling their genitals..
He was tried in every state in America for similar incidents, but never actually charged. He was banned from entering my restaurant, because if he did, management know I would of accidentally dropped one of our boiling soups on him.

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