Bad Mechanics/Dealers Rip Off

Pepe’s Auto Repair Inc RIPOFF

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Took car in for a simple alarm problem which disabled the car, I know this for fact but when we took to pepe’s they said it was an ignition problem which they did not even replace the ignition, No work was done on the ignition and before they did any work I told them to keep the parts so that I know they did the work, We pop up unexpectedly to see what was going on with the car and the car was sitting way in the back not being worked on as they stated, When we went to the office to check the status of the work they suppose to be doing they said the car was done but yet they did not call us to come pick it up, We asked them what was the problem with the car and they the lady in the office had no clue, then we asked the owner son and he gave us the run around saying it think it was the ignition but the mechanic who did the job was not there, so we asked about the ignition part they claimed they have replaced and they couldn’t give us  the old part or the receipt of the new part they claim to have replaced.

We brought the car in right before they closed and was there 11 am the next day, so they did not have time to do all this and as I said before no one called us that it was done and they couldn’t give us an estimate of when it was done, that’s because all they did was disabled the alarm and parked it way in the back of there lot, They charged us $300 for work they didn’t do or proof they did it, and on top of that the engine light is now on after getting the car back.

They have one light skinned mechanic who does not know what the hell he’s doing, He messed up on a friend of mind Mercedes benz, who needed a headlight installed, he ended up ripping off the the whole under bumper and did not properly install the headlight, he didn’t even know how to pop the hood.

All in all pepe’s charges for work they don’t do, I recommend finding someone else this is a shady auto repair shop, If you do go there I recommend you stay and watch them like a hawk.

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