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Philadelphia Starbucks Under Fire After 2 Black Men Arrested

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A Starbucks in Philadelphia is under fire this Sunday April 15th 2018 for asking two black men to leave after they refused, It all started because they were sitting in the restaurant waiting to have a business meeting, When one of the men attempted to use the bathroom when Starbucks called the cops of them asking them to leave for trespassing without buying anything, The two black men arrested was only in Starbucks for less then 15 minutes before the cops were called, Some people call this an outright racial discrimination at it’s finest.

Angry protesters stormed the place this Sunday demanding answers and some say “people do business meetings here everyday, why were these gentlemen asked to leave” The CEO of Starbucks says they stand behind discrimination of any kind and apologizes for the situation.

Asking people to leave simply because they wanted to use the restroom and because they haven’t bought anything “yet” is simply outrageous says one of the protesters, They really need to check there policy over or they will lose lots of business.

See the video below!

[yotuwp type=”videos” id=”9fBOQCfx6xc” ]

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