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Publishers Clearing House False Claims

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PCH should be very ashamed of themselves by providing such false claims, false advertising and illegal practices all while playing with peoples emotions in hopes of wining big one day when all reality your wasting your time and money trying win with them, It's not gonna happen just read all the reviews and complaints PCH has.

I've been playing the PCH sweepstakes for god knows how long at least 20 years and all the scratch off games they claim you have good chances to win, I even ordered things from them in hopes my chances of winning a sweepstakes or something small but never happens and after reading all the reviews on this company I'm convince it's a total scam, who gives out millions of dollars anyway? without taking in billions then they might give a small percentage back but not the amount they advertise for sure.

How Publishers Clearing House is still open and operating is beyond this world but I will never play or order anything from them again your better off playing and winning the lottery several times over then wining anything with PCH.

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