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Bounty Hunters Arrests Ex-Disney star Orlando Brown

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In this disturbing video below provided by TMZ.com of racist bounty hunters known as Lucky the Bounty Hunter and his team who resides in Las Vegas according to TMZ, raided a house where ex-Disney star Orlando Brown was hiding in a upstairs bedroom where they found Orlando Brown in his underwear.

The most disturbing part of this video is that how unprofessional, rude, racist and aggressive lucky and his team were towards Mr. Brown, who ever these guys are I hope you get whats coming to you, Your not cops and you had no right violating his rights and calling him names.


I’m uploading this to BadBizz.com because the few sites that have this story doesn’t seem to mention anything about how Mr.Brown was treated and it just ain’t right to call him the names that they did, I mean if you see the video and watch them as they went upstairs to where Brown was, the one bounty hunter who was recording  was very aggressive and looking to shoot him at any minute, Demanding he put his hands out when they where out the whole time even while being placed in hand cuffs he is still yelling at him to put his hands down?  really? then calling him racist names and just treating him like he wasn’t human.

Just because bounty hunters don’t hold the same standards as most cops does not give you the right to act that way specially when your acting like cops but don’t want to follow the same procedures.

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