Regal Cinema Rude Customer Service

I went to Regal Cinema expecting to see a the movie “it”. I was with 2 of my friends and we elders all excited to see the movie. I hadn’t brought my ID with me because I didn’t realize I had to bring it and any other place I’ve gone to see movies has never ID’d me before. So we went and they demanded my ID and I explained how I was clearly old enough you can tell just by looking at me. They refused and were so rude and sassy! I then found a screenshot on my phone proving my age and they still refused and made us leave! F*** you, Craig or whatever your name was, you pasty white crusty movie manager who probably lives in his moms basement and has the personality of a rock. You can go shove a stick up your butt! Oh wait, I forgot, there’s already one up there. Anyways we left and saw the movie elsewhere. That movie theater is wack!!!!!! Very shady!!!!!!