Rude employee

684 Centerview Blvd, Kissimmee, FL 34741

I brought my phone in to repair a cracked screen about 45 minutes before closing. The store clerk gave me a price and said it will take 3 hours to repair. I said it’s real important can you do anything today or at least retrieve the info in it today. He said no so I said I wanted to drop it off now because I get off too late and tomorrow will be the same thing. The store clerk made up some rule about a 24 policy where it will get worst.

This is an ignorant guy who is costing the business and its owner. I thought it was important to let people to know because he is a petty person and I am sure he over charges customers since he can make stuff up like that. This store takes and stores people phone and laptops so that bullshit he was saying was highly ignorant.

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